New Baby Dry for Newborns

Trusted Dryness for newborn’s skin
New Baby Dry for Newborns
  1. Diapers

The no. 1 choice of pediatricians for newborns**
Are you ready for a revolution in diapers? New Pampers New Baby-Dry is the first and only diaper with 3 absorbing channels that helps distribute wetness evenly through the diaper for long lasting dryness. With Pampers, the no. 1 choice of pediatricians for newborns**, your baby will sleep soundly for up to 12 hours and will wake up happy, comfortable and dry!

**Survey done in Pakistan among Pediatricians, 1/2017

Extra absorb channels

Even distribution for trusted dryness and less wet bulk

Baby Lotion

To help protect baby's skin from rashes

Super gel

To lock away the wetness

Soft like cotton

For a gentle touch to baby's skin

Wetness indicator

Turns blue to show when your baby wets his diaper