Pampers® Premium Care™ Pants

Our best Diaper for 5 Star Skin Protection
Pampers® Premium Care™ Pants
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Say hello to easy-on Pampers Premium Care Pants. Featuring a soft and stretchy belt, they go on with just one pull, even when your baby is wriggling around. They’re also crafted from silky soft materials to provide our gentlest touch to the skin. Plus, their extra absorb channels keep your baby comfortable for up to 12 hours. So now say goodbye to fussy diaper changes.

* Survey done in Pakistan among Pediatricians, 1/2017

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Pampers, No.1 Choice of Pediatricians*

Pampers Premium Care is specially designed to keep your baby’s skin dry and protected.

Silky Softness

Made with our softest-ever silky materials that provide comfort and protection.

Easy on & off

Easy to pull on and take off to make diaper changing easier.

All-around Fit

A 360 degrees soft and stretchy waistband for a gentle fit.

Extra Absorb Channels

Designed to evenly distribute wetness and lock it away from your baby’s skin.

Disposal Tape

Secures the diaper with a tape for easy disposal.

Wetness Indicator

Turns from yellow to blue indicating when it may be changing time.

Baby Lotion

Helps protect your baby’s delicate skin from irritation.